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NHPA annual meeting to be held Oct. 25

The New Hampshire Press Association’s 2018 annual meeting will be conducted Thursday October 25, at noon at the Nackey Loeb School of Communications in Manchester. All members in good standing are encouraged to attend and will be entitled to vote on all motions. The meeting is open to members of the public as well.

A preliminary agenda will be distributed to members 30 days in advance of the meeting and members will be able to suggest additions up to 14 days before the meeting. The final agenda is determined by the board of directors and will distributed to members no less than seven days before the meeting.

These are the key issues currently on the agenda:

  • Election of officers
  • Election of board members
  • Proposal to expand the executive board from seven to nine members. (The board would then consist of the four officers – president, vice president, secretary, treasurer – and five at-large members. The proposal will include designating two at-large positions to be assistant secretary and assistant treasurer to ensure the orderly transition of these crucial roles.) 
  • Evaluation of goals established at the 2017 annual meeting
  • Establishing objectives for 2019

Anyone interested in serving as an officer or a board member, or who wants to offer additional agenda items please contact me. And of course, any observations or comments are welcomed.

Thank you.

Phil Kincade
Executive Director

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