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News, Media, Education Outlets Launch Granite State News Collaborative and Granite Solutions

The Granite State News Collaborative is pleased to announce the official launch of this news cooperative as well as its first project Granite Solutions.

The GSNC is a group of news, education and media outlets that have agreed to work together to pool resources, time and talent to create stories that start conversations, investigate solutions and ultimately benefit their communities and their readers.

The collaborative’s first project will be a series of multimedia stories that take a look at the behavioral health crises hitting New Hampshire. It is a complex issue that connects addiction, social isolation, dislocation resulting from economic change, the out-migration of youth, and marginalization.

“It spans all populations and areas, rural and urban, and has relevance for all kinds of media and audiences, broad and narrow,” says Kristen Nevious, Director of the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication at Franklin Pierce University and a member of the collaborative.

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Read The Collaborative’s first article:

A journey through NH’s mental health system, part 1 of 3
By ROGER CARROLL, The Laconia Daily Sun

Editor’s note: Laconia Daily Sun Managing Editor Roger Carroll experienced firsthand how the state’s mental health system works, and doesn’t work, when he went through a personal crisis recently and sought help. He writes about his experiences in three parts this week to shed light on that system and help remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

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