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A journey through New Hampshire’s mental health system, part 3 of 3

By ROGER CARROLL, The Laconia Daily Sun

Editors note: This is the third and final part of a series by Laconia Daily Sun Managing Editor Roger Carroll about his experiences with the mental health system after going through a personal crisis that landed him in an emergency room, a placement annex and finally a designated receiving facility at Franklin Regional Hospital. 

FRANKLIN – The fact that mine was a straightforward case of depression meant that, rather than languishing in the Annex at Lakes Region General Hospital for days, I was an easy “yes” for mental health facilities with open beds.

My case wasn’t complicated by addiction and I had no history of violence (my juvenile transgressions weren’t part of any record). If those had been factors in my case, that could have narrowed the options available to me, I was told by a practitioner, since not all facilities treat patients with addiction and some lack the security features needed to deal with patients who might be prone to violence.

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