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Folks in Favor and Opposed Testify on Right-to-Know Bills


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CONCORD – It was right-to-know day at the Legislative Office Building on Wednesday as a collection of bills crafted to improve the public’s right to access government records were heard before the House Judiciary Committee.

The intent of the bills is to shine a light on what is going on at town halls, police stations, and government agencies across New Hampshire, said David Saad, president of Right To Know New Hampshire (RTK-NH).

His grassroots organization made up of citizens assisted about 70 individuals in getting answers from government agencies. He estimates two-thirds of the cases that came to RTK-NH last year involved delays or denial of record requests.

As introduced, House Bill 286 would require no fee for the inspection of public records. House Bill 396 would require a public body or state agency to provide written reasons for any delay or denial of records under the right-to-know law.

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