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Judge sides with Rochester on right-to-know challenge

Read the full story in Foster’s Daily Democrat here.

DOVER — A judge has sided entirely with the city of Rochester in a right-to-know lawsuit that involved a nonpublic city group and the city’s photocopying fee structure.

Rochester resident Paul Martin sued the city because he felt he and the public were being aggrieved, both by the nonpublic nature of the technical review group and by what the city was charging for copying public records.

The TRG is a group of city department heads and staff who meet with Planning Board applicants to assist them ahead of the Planning Board’s public review of their respective projects.

Two and a half months after Martin and city officials testified about the TRG during a daylong bench trial, Strafford County Superior Court Judge Steven Houran has ruled the TRG fully complies with the Right to Know law’s public records provisions and is within its right to deny public attendance at its meetings.

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