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New Hampshire Press Association 2019 Distinguished Journalism Contest Winners – College Division

Winners are ordered alphabetically by the last name of the first entrant listed or by the news organization.

Final places will be announced at an event to be scheduled.

General Excellence newspaper

  • The Equinox

General Excellence, digital presence

  • The Equinox

Editorial writing

  • Bretton Belden, The New Hampshire

General news story

  • Jack Hanson, The Equinox, No More Plastic Bags at KSC
  • Erin McNemar, The Equinox, Beto O’Rourke Visits KSC
  • Rachel Vitello, The Equinox, Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Keene

Investigative story/series

  • Claire Boughton, Jake Radermacher, Connor Crawford, The Equinox, Vaping: The Series

Feature Story

  • Caroline Beaton, Main Street Magazine, I Get By With a Little Help From Strangers
  • Evan Ringle, Main Street Magazine, Comfort Food to Cure Your Loathing
  • Puja Thapa, The Equinox, Shining Bright in the Golden State

Feature page

  • Joseph Guzman, The Equinox, Popping into the Thorne
  • Joseph Guzman, The Equinox, Combining Dance and Music
  • Joseph Guzman, The Equinox, Shining Bright Through Dance

Entertainment/Arts Reporting

  • Tessa DesMarais, The Equinox, Entertainment/Arts Reporting

Columnist of the Year

  • Theresa Derry, The Equinox, Time Capsule
  • Madailein Hart, The New Hampshire, Mad About Books

Sports News

  • Claire Boughton, The Equinox, I Did It My Way
  • Claire Boughton, The Equinox, Players From Around The Globe
  • Matt Holderman, The Equinox, From West Africa to Keene State

Sports Feature

  • Claire Boughton, The Equinox, Friendly Competition
  • Austin Smith, The Equinox, Double Trouble

Sports Page

  • Claire Boughton, The Equinox, That’s a Wrap
  • Cailla Prisco, The Equinox, Smashing Records
  • Cailla Prisco, The Equinox, Brought the Fire

General News Photo

  • Soren Frantz, The Equinox, Nursing Disaster Drill
  • Soren Frantz, The Equinox, Tulsi Gabbard at KSC
  • Puja Thapa, The Equinox, Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Feature Photo

  • Soren Frantz, The Equinox, 10 Minute Plays
  • Soren Frantz, The Equinox, Appeal of Murder
  • Sebastien Mehegan, The Equinox, Hell of a Season


  • Oliva Cattabriga, The Equinox, Vaping: The Series
  • Oliva Cattabriga, The Equinox, The Ultimate Sport
  • Oliva Cattabriga, The Equinox, Campus Climate Survey

Front Page

  • Rachel Vitello, The Equinox, Cory Booker speaks at KSC
  • Staff, The New Hampshire, April 4, 2019
  • Rachel Vitello, The Equinox, Treadwell Inaugurated

Best Use of Video – News

  • Jesse Miller, The Equinox, KSC Walk to End Alzheimer’s
  • Benajil Rai, – The Equinox, KSC Climate Strike 2019
  • Benajil Rai, The Equinox, Candlelight Vigil

Best Use of Video – Feature

  • Angelique Inchierca, The Equinox, KSC Senior Zach Robinson Dances Without Fear
  • Jesse Miller, The Equinox, Pumpkin Lobotomy Returns For Second Year
  • Benajil Rai, Puja Thapa, The Equinox, KSC Alternative Break Trip to Gita Nagari Farm 2019

Best Use of Video – Sports

  • Caroline Perry, The Equinox, Open 400 Track won by KSC Student Amanda Deppert
  • Benajil Rai, The Equinox, Dream, Dance and Ms. Pudlo
  • Benajil Rai, Jesse Miller, The Equinox, KSC Senior Swimmer Kyle Shadeck Returns to the Team

Podcast –  Reoccurring

  • TNH Hoop Cats Podcast, The New Hampshire

Best Use of Social Media

  • The Equinox

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