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2020 New Hampshire Press Association  Excellence in Journalism Contest College Finalists

Judges could but were not compelled to choose first, second and third place winners. In categories where there are fewer than three finalists, the judge could have awarded any combination of places – for example, first and second but no third, or second and third but no first, or just second place. 

In addition, judges could decide none of the entries in a category were deserving of recognition.

Winners of lifetime achievement awards and rookie of the year will be announced in July.

We are hoping for an in-person awards banquet in September to announce the final placings of the finalists.

In alphabetical order by news organization, except for individual awards, the finalists are:

General Excellence newspaper

The Equinox

Main Street Magazine

General Excellence, digital presence

The Equinox

Editorial writing – No winners

General news story

The Equinox – Hunter Oberst, Puja Thapa – RA’s Resign and More Cases Arise in First Two Weeks.

The New Hampshire – Staff – UNH coronavirus coverage

The New Hampshire – Staff –  2020 Election

Investigative story

The Equinox – Hunter Oberst 

Feature Story

Main Street Magazine – Fiona MacDonald – I Love Woody Harrelson

Main Street Magazine – Jasmine Taudvin, Jared Burnett – The Neon Wheel Surfer

The New Hampshire – Katie Hoppler – Professor raps about fluid mechanics

Feature Page

The Equinox – Tom Benoit

The Equinox – Kiana Joler

Main Street Magazine – Sadie Burgess, Christian McDonald, Alyssa Doust – Coffee For Freedom

Front Page – No Winners

Business/Economic Reporting – No Winners

Entertainment/Arts Reporting

The Equinox – Caitlin Howell

Main Street Magazine – Caleb Jagoda, Davis Cole – The Crank Tank

Main Street Magazine – Shane Jozitis, Christian McDonald – Finding His Sound: The Journey of a Young Artist

Columnist of the Year

Angelique Inchierca – The Equinox

Sports News

The Equinox – Claire Boughton – seniors-standing-strong-in-light-of-the-cancelled-spring-season 

The Equinox – Claire Boughton, Tom Benoit – KSC’s track and field record board sits un-updated in Spaulding Gym

The New Hampshire – Cameron Beall – Former Wildcat Prince Smith Jr. signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

Sports Feature

The Equinox – Matthew Holderman, Claire Boughton

The New Hampshire – Cameron Beall – Pop Lacey has sights set on the NFL after canceled UNH pro day

The New Hampshire – Cameron Beall – The long road back to normalcy for UNH head coach Mac

Sports Page

The Equinox – Claire Boughton – 2019 Highlights

The Equinox – Claire Bouhgton – The Faces Behind the Cameras

The Equinox – Claire Boughton – Turf Gets Put to the Test

General News Photo

The Equinox – Soren Frantz – Keene Mask Freedom Rally

The Equinox – Soren Frantz – Keene State’s men’s ice hockey

The Equinox – Soren Frantz – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders addresses crowd

Feature Photo

The Equinox – Soren Frantz – The filming of ‘Brangelina’

The Equinox – Soren Frantz – The Equinox – “Babylon: Journeys of Refugees”

Main Street Magazine – Lauren Hellman – Fancy Clown

Photo essay

The Equinox – Henry Hobson

The Equinox – Puja Thapa


The Equinox – Griffin Ell

Main Street Magazine – Alyssa Doust – Make This Chaos Count

Main Street Magazine –  Alyssa Doust – I’m fixing to fire the tiny alchemists running amuch in my heart valves

Best Use of Video – News

The Equinox – Benajil Rai – COIVD -19 Upends Student Life

The Equinox – Benajil Rai – Keene State Sustainable Product Design and Innovation  (SPDI) club

The Equinox – Benajil Rai – American Democracy Project

Best Use of Video – Feature

The Equinox – Benajil Rai

The Equinox – Benajil Rai

Best Use of Social Media

The Equinox – Emma Bishop


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